Our Top 10 Skillet Pies for Thanksgiving


There is something special about a homemade pie. Perfumed with warm spices and cradled in a golden crust, it just can’t be beat. And when you bake that pie in a cast-iron skillet, beautiful, flaky things happen. So break out the rolling pin and bring one of these tasty autumn treats to the table this Thanksgiving. But be warned–your turkey just might get upstaged. 


  1. I have dozens of cast iron skillets. All shapes and sizes. All different brands Have been collecting since I was 16. Estate sales, flea markets, garage sales, relatives. If I could find them I did my best to acquire them. Then I learned to cook anything and everything in them, My favorites are my Grathwohl. These I got from auctions.I do love my Cast Iron. Even the brands I have never heard of before!


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