An Ode to Waffle House’s Skillet Cheese ‘N Eggs

Photo courtesy of Waffle House

As told by Sarah Hansen Godwin

When I’m traveling, I feel a strong sense of immediate calm when I see a yellow Waffle House sign glowing in the distance. Scattered along America’s highways and byways, those big block letters are beacons, beckoning me in with their yellow light. Whenever and wherever I walk in, the sweet smell of batter envelops me, and I’m completely engulfed. The warm glow of the overhead globe lights shines down on the brown tile floors, and I’m welcomed by the sizzle of bacon and the clatter of pans—the comforting soundtrack of the open kitchen. Waffle House feels just like its name—it feels like you’re home.

A Southern staple, this restaurant chain had its humble beginnings in the Atlanta suburb of Decatur in 1955. More than 60 years later, there are well over 1,000 locations all across America. Can you recall a road trip where you didn’t see at least one Waffle House? We all have our own favorite Waffle House orders. My husband loves their patty melt, and he gets his hash browns scattered, smothered, and covered. I also ask to have my waffle brought out at the end of my meal. Dessert waffles are my favorite kind of waffles.


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