When the weather warms, there’s no better place to be than outdoors cooking on a big grill. But what happens when your food can’t hold up to those fiery grates? Well, that’s when your cast iron comes into action. Place your skillet right on top of the grill, and get to cooking. Cast iron will be your go-to grilling companion with these five methods. 


1. Grill tender fish in a cast-iron skillet to keep it intact and perfectly flaky. 

Salmon with Corn, Peas, and Tomatoes recipe from our July/August 2018 issue.


2. Don’t let veggies fall through the grill grates. Cook them in a cast-iron skillet to get that gorgeous char. 

Lime-Chipotle Pork with Peppers and Mango recipe featured in our July/August 2018 issue.


3. Bake a skillet of beans on the grill for extra-smoky flavor.

Skillet Beans recipe featured in our May/June 2018 issue.



4. Get a juicy, evenly seared steak by basting it with butter and grilling it in a cast-iron skillet.

Strip Steaks and Vegetables with Spicy Chimichurri recipe featured in our July/August 2018 issue.


5. Want to whip up an accompanying sauce? Place your cast-iron pan straight on the grill and simmer for a fully grilled meal. 

Hawaiin Coconut Shrimp recipe featured in our July/August 2018 issue.


Find the pictured recipes in our July/August 2018 issue! Available in print and digital.



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