5 Things You Should Know About FINEX Cookware

Finex Cookware via Instagram

Since it burst onto the scene in 2013, FINEX Cast Iron Cookware Co. has made a name for itself with a truly unique, modern design. We recently took a trip to their Portland, Oregon, headquarters, and found out all you need to know about this cast iron crafter.

1. Each piece is made in America.

2. No classic circles here. FINEX’s skillets, grill pans, and Dutch ovens are set apart by their unique octagonal shape.

3. Inspired by antique wood stoves, their coiled stainless steel handles—featured on all but one of their pans—are designed to cool faster than solid cast-iron handles.

4. Each skillet goes through 12 pairs of hands—and takes almost as many hours of labor—during construction.

5. They’ve just released their very first Dutch oven: A highly anticipated 5-quart, 8-sided stunner.  



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