Beautiful Bakes


Cast-iron fluted cake pans are pieces of bakeware with great heritage, prized for their unique shapes and durability. We love using them for the delicious sugary crusts they produce on the final cake, and we’ve created a collection of recipes that you’ll love as much as we do. 

Churro and Chocolate Pound Cake

This decadently spiced and generously drizzled cake was inspired by one of our favorite south-of-the-border sweet snacks.


Strawberry Almond Cake

Coating the pan in almonds creates a lovely pattern and crust on this cake.


Chocolate Carrot Cake

This spin on classic carrot cake tastes even better the day after it’s baked.


Classic Pound Cake

This rich and buttery pound cake is perfect for any occasion.


Lemon Poppy Seed Cornmeal Cake

Poppy seeds and cornmeal give a slight crunch to this refreshingly tangy cake.


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