Skillet Stories: Cast-Iron Carry On

Photo courtesy Arden Photography

As told by Martie Duncan

Here’s a heads-up—airport security doesn’t really like finding a cast-iron skillet in your carry-on luggage. Or a rolling pin, for that matter. I speak from personal experience, of course.

These days, I travel a lot for my work; hosting food shows, cooking segments, and chef dinners across the country. When I need to use a cast-iron skillet on stage, I always bring the one I inherited from my mother. When I’m up on stage with hundreds of people in the audience, it’s so reassuring to have her skillet there—almost like she’s holding my hand as I go through the recipe. It sounds corny, I know, but in a situation where anything can go wrong (and often does), it’s comforting to have something familiar with you.


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