Filled with fruit or packed with chocolate, these easy skillet sweets are guaranteed to satisfy your summer cravings.

Peach and Mango Cobblers

Switch out the jam flavor in the pinwheel biscuit topping to mix it up or make use of a half-used jar hanging out in the fridge.


Green Tomato Pandowdy

The use of green tomatoes in desserts emerged as an economical way for home cooks to give their families a treat, especially when apples were out of season. This simple and sweet pandowdy is our salute to those crafty cooks.


Salted Caramel S’mores Cobbler

The only way we can describe this cobbler packed with chocolate, caramel, and marshmallow? Utter decadence.


Hummingbird Crisp

We turned one of our favorite Southern cakes into a quick-cooking crumble, so you can have the flavors of hummingbird cake any night of the week.


Strawberry-Plum Crisp

Gingersnaps in the topping give this crisp an extra delicious crunch and a hint of sweet spice.