Coffee Cakes


These stir-together cakes and perfect for quick weekend breakfasts or fast weeknight baking. 

Strawberry Cornmeal Coffee Cake Wedges

Nutty cornmeal and sweet winter strawberries combine to make perfect little wedges, ideal for a breakfast on the go.


Hummingbird Coffee Cake

This skillet cake packs all the flavor of the iconic layered version with added crunch from banana chips in the streusel topping.


Cream Cheese-Blackberry Swirl Cake 

Melted blackberry preserves create a sticky glaze for this beautifully shaped Coffee cake.


Orange-Pecan Mini Coffee Cakes

Citrus zest and juice pack these cakes with fresh fruit flavor.


Espresso Chai Coffee Cake

Chai tea meets an espresso latte in this crumbly spiced cake. Enjoy a slice alongside a cup of joe for added delight.


Mocha Benne Loaf 

An ancestor of modern sesame seeds, benne seeds were once a large part of the Southern diet. Lightly toasted white sesame seeds can be substituted.


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