Connected by Cast Iron


Hosting events like their twice-amonth Wine Down Wednesdays, Thursday night At Our Table Dinners, and hands-on classes that teach skills like cooking with wild game or mastering soups, stocks, and broths, Matthew and Jovan consistently welcome Brunswick to gather in their space. “Our mantra is that good food and good community go hand-in-hand,” Matthew says. “I think our role is going to be everchanging and evolving, but right now, it’s to be a conduit to keep people together.”

From their napkins and plates to the art on the walls and the restaurant’s lighting, Matthew and Jovan reached out to local artisans and small businesses to help bring The Farmer & The Larder to life—a show of support for and dedication to Brunswick that doesn’t go unnoticed. “They are very open to connecting and collaborating with others in the area, and they just infuse the community with that enthusiasm,” says Jennifer Zamudio, owner of the Brunswick-based linen shop Dot + Army, where The Farmer & The Larder sources its napkins. “It’s something special to go to a restaurant and be able to say, ‘I know the person who made that table’ and ‘I know who made these napkins, and oh! Those are my plates!’” says Elizabeth Hayes Halderson, the ceramic artist behind many of the restaurant’s dishes. “They believe in Brunswick, and they’ve shown that in those decisions. They’re encouragers.”


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