Cooking with Enameled Cast Iron


Cooking with Enameled Cast Iron

Best Practices

Follow these rules to make the most of your enameled cast-iron cookware:

  • Do not preheat an empty piece of enameled cast iron. Always preheat with oil or fat added first. High heat is not recommended; medium is best.
  • Never use metal utensils; they could scratch the cooking surface. I find that this occurs more with some brands than others, but your rule-of-thumb should be to always use silicon or wooden utensils.
  • Be gentle. Enameled cast iron is durable, but the surface is fragile. Lift; do not slide. Be careful not to bang it against hard surfaces—it can chip.

With so many beautiful colors available in just about every size and shape imaginable, and with it now being so affordable, it would be worth your while to give enameled cast iron a shot. I love mine just as much as my regular cast iron, and I wouldn’t be caught in my kitchen without them.


  1. This was a great article!! I too use cast iron and enameled cast iron. I have a passion for cast iron cooking and there are definite advantages of the enameled cast iron that I absolutely love!! I had be advised early on in my cooking life to “use a larger size pan than you think you will need” so I can attest to that good advice. I had no idea to use peroxide and baking soda to get stains out. YAY on learning that tip!!! Again, excellent advice, tips and suggestion I am taking to heart. Thank You Jeff!!


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