Dressing It Up


Mix and match your favorite dressing to your holiday menu.

Louisiana Oyster Dressing

French bread helps soak up the briny flavor of the fresh oysters, and andouille sausage brings deep flavor to the dish. It’s an oyster lover’s dream.


Quick Sausage-Pecan Dressing

We doctored up a boxed stuffing mix with vegetables and crumbled sausage for a side that saves on time without sacrificing flavor.


Butternut Squash Sourdough Dressing

Cubed sourdough bread gives great texture to this winter squash- and leek-packed dressing.


Classic Southern Cornbread Dressing

Our classic dressing is packed with cornbread flavor. As a shortcut, 14 cups of your favorite store-bought cornbread, crumbled, will do.


Cranberry-Pear Cornbread Dressing

A mix of French bread and cornbread creates traditional dressing flavor with added structure, perfect for holding the flavorful fruit juices.


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