Ring in the change of seasons with a delicious yet casual supper menu.

Roasted Onion Flowers

Onion blossom takes on a new meaning in this gorgeous side dish. The onions can be cut, wrapped in plastic, and refrigerated a day ahead to make cooking day-of that much easier.


Garlic-Tarragon Mashed Potatoes

Thanks to cast iron’s excellent heat retention, you can bake the potatoes up to an hour ahead of time and still serve them warm.


Roasted Lamb Shoulder

With a generous coating of garlic and fresh herbs that make a flavorful pan sauce, serve this delicious roast straight from the skillet for more casual suppers.


Frosted Orange Blondies

We love the citrus punch these blondies pack, from the batter and the frosting to a dollop of melted preserves served on top.


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