Farmstand Favorites


We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite recipes featuring the stars of the summer farmstand: Okra, field peas, and squash. 

Field Pea and Chard Saute

Dozens of varieties of field peas are adored in the South—Big Boy, Red Ripper, and purple hull to name a few. We took classic black-eyed peas and lady peas and paired them with Swiss chard and a rich seasoning of bacon for a hearty summer staple.


Summer Squash Tart

Smoky, crunchy bacon complements the creamy, cheesy filling in these individual pies.


Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Okra

Wrapped in smoky bacon and brushed with a spicy-sweet glaze, this okra may just be our new favorite summer side dish.


Pimiento Cheese Squash Casserole

Ritz crackers, crumbled and mixed with Cheddar cheese, make a crunchy topping
for this tasty casserole.

Pimiento Cheese Squash Casserole


Field Pea Potato Salad

Pork rinds folded into the salad and sprinkled on top provide a pleasant crunch while field peas bring an earthy sweetness to this creamy side dish.


Farmstand Cornbread 

Topped with okra, fresh corn, zucchini, and jalapeño peppers, this cheesy cornbread is summer in a skillet.

Farmstand Cornbread


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