10 Gifts for the Cast Iron Lover


From accessories to shiny new cookware, this is the ultimate gift guide for any cast iron lover in your life.  


Smithey Ironware 8-inch Skillet

Perfectly sized for eggs and your favorite single-serving omelets, this handy South Carolina-made skillet features gently sloped sides that make flipping and serving a breeze. Get it here



Lodge Enameled Cast Iron & Stoneware Care Kit

Equipped with a bottle of cleaner, a pan scraper, a scrub brush, and pot protectors to keep your cookware’s finish from chipping, this care kit will make handling your enameled cast iron a breeze. Get it here



Black Jacket Tackle Complete Handle Holder Set

Whether cooking over an open flame or pulling a hot skillet of cornbread from the oven, these handle holders are the ultimate cast iron companion. Designed and manufactured by a husband and wife team, the leather set is carefully stitched for both beauty and functionality. Get it here



Finex 15-inch Lean Grill Pan

When it’s too cold to grill outdoors, this heirloom-quality piece does the trick. Made in Portland, Oregon, this pan’s oversized, easy-release grill surface yields gorgeous grill marks every time. Get it here 

Bürstenhaus Redecker Pot Brush

Stuck-on food doesn’t stand a chance with this brush. The sturdy, natural fiber bristles don’t bend or break under pressure, making it perfect for those recipes that leave a little extra residue in your skillet. Get it here


Fox Run Iron Mortar & Pestle 

Made from solid cast iron, this mortar and pestle grinds herbs as fine as you wish without losing their aromatic flavors. We love the small spout that allows for extra control when transferring your freshly made spice blends. Get it here


Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan

This pan will convert any pizza stone lover into a cast-iron fanatic. The even distribution of heat gives pizza perfectly crispy crust all around, and with a 14-inch diameter, you’ll have enough for your family and lunch the next day. Get it here


Caron & Doucet Cast Iron Soap

Some messes require a little more than elbow grease. When we need a little help, this is our go-to soap. Made with no artificial foaming agents or harsh chemicals, this natural soap gently removes grease and stuck-on food while playing gentle with your precious seasoning. Get it here


Red Rooster Trading Company Camano Coffee Mill

Thanks to this American-made cast-iron grinder, you can have freshly ground coffee every day. With a small, sturdy build and easy-to-use crank, this handmade device can also be used to grind dried spices such as peppercorns, cinnamon sticks, and seeds. Get it here



American Skillet Company Magnetic Hanger

Whether you’ve run out of cabinet space for your collection or you want to show off your heirloom skillet, this hanger is perfect for displaying your cast-iron cookware. Just screw it into your wall and the powerful magnet does all the work, holding up to a 12-inch skillet. Get it here


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