How To Fix Your Cracked Cast Iron


Help! My favorite skillet has developed a crack. Can it be fixed?

—Jeremy B., South Carolina


A cracked skillet can still be used for what Jeff Rogers calls “light-duty” cooking, such as making cornbread. But if it’s a family heirloom, handed down through the generations, we recommend that you retire it from active duty, hang it on the wall, and show it off as a family heirloom. Even with light use, you never know when a faint crack will be enough to break a piece in two.


  1. I have had some luck by drilling a hole at the end of the crack, sawing along the crack with a saber saw with a hacksaw blade until you reach the hole, then filling the hole and sawed out crack with J-B Weld which is good to 400 degrees. Then sand the dried excess J-B Weld.

  2. If you are a welder or know one, it can be repaired. I have had good luck with cleaning the crack up real well and grinding in a bevel. Then using a nickel rod after the skillet is preheated to weld it up. Can’t even tell it was cracked after the weld, cleanup and reseasoning. Hope it helps.

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