Novelty Treats


From larger-than-life sweets to restaurant-inspired favorites, treat your family to these fun cast iron eats. 

Skillet Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

We made the tried-and-true chocolate peanut butter cup the perfect size for sharing. Though you may find it hard to let go of a slice.

BLT Bundt Sandwich

Remember those 2- to 3-feet-long party subs? This is our take on a crowd-pleasing giant sandwich filled with crispy bacon and a creamy sun-dried tomato spread.

Deep-Fried Vidalia Onion Blooms

Now you can make this classic steakhouse appetizer at home, Southern style, with sweet Georgia onions and a spicy kick.

Giant Cinnamon Roll

Feast your eyes and your taste buds on this foot-wide classic sweet roll, covered in a blanket of gooey cream cheese glaze.


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