Our Editor’s Cast-Iron Cravings


Most Southerners have a love-hate relationship with winter. Our formidable summers instill within us an understandable craving for colder temperatures. But unlike our winter-hardy Northern friends, we don’t possess the constitution for prolonged frigid temperatures.

To make it through this season of shivering, we create our own warmth and coziness through the foods we put on our tables. We haul out our Dutch ovens to braise and roast whole birds and generous, family-feeding slabs of beef and pork. We call forth our skillets to simmer and caramelize our favorite creamy, crispy, and hearty side dishes. And we round it all out with glorious desserts hot from the oven—treats we can barely let cool before digging in with spoons held at the ready.

Whatever you’re craving this winter, we’ve prepared the perfect recipes to warm you right up. From perfectly golden crisp chips and melty cheese-packed delights to comforting suppers and our most decadent chocolate desserts, you’ll find the perfect dish to knock the edge off winter’s chill.

But there’s more than just cozy comfort food in this issue. Get to know Susan Spicer, queen of the New Orleans restaurant scene, and discover the history of the Blacklock Foundry, the forerunner of Lodge Manufacturing. For something completely new and exciting, check out our Taste of Cuba story, where we explore the intersection of Cuban and Cajun cuisine with a Q&A with chef David Guas.

So grab a cup of something warm, get comfortable, and tuck into this delicious and inspiring issue.


Josh Miller, Editor


  1. I am a subscriber to Southern Cast Iron andI saw a recipe for blueberry muffins but I cant find where i put the magazine which I really like by the way. can you help me? I finally was able to purchase some blueberries and would really like to make the muffins. I even purchased cast iron muffin tins.


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