Respect Your Grill Pan


Proper Grill Pan Use

Respect Your Grill Pan

Most of the questions I get about grill pans are about how to clean them. First, let’s back up and discuss proper use. It is improper use that turns them into cleaning nightmares.

Medium to Medium-High Heat

Staying away from high heat when cooking meats in a grill pan is crucial. Because there is less contact with the iron, foods take a bit longer to cook. If your heat is too high, the outside begins to burn long before the inside is done. Medium to medium-high heat will produce beautiful grill marks, will give the spaces in between the grill marks time to brown, and will give meats ample time to reach your desired degree of doneness internally. My rule of thumb is this: the thicker the meat, the lower
the heat.

Preheat Your Grill Pan

When cooking in a grill pan, you will most likely need every inch of space on the cooking surface. Adequately preheating your pan will help the grates in the outer areas become hot enough to cook and sear properly. I usually let my pan heat for 7 to 8 minutes or sometimes more before use.

Stay Away From Sugar

Sugar and hot cast iron are a horrible mix. When I cook in grill pans, I try to avoid foods that have been marinated or brushed with sugary substances. On a regular grill, it might be normal to finish with a brush of sauce, but in a grill pan, you are asking for trouble. If you must use sauce, keep your heat a bit lower, and wait until the very end to add it.


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