FINEX cast iron


Precision is a key word when describing FINEX cast iron. And the 12 hands that craft each skillet before it leaves the foundry can attest to the unwavering dedication to detail. Known for its high-quality and modern design, FINEX cookware is hard to miss.

These octagonal skillets are cast thicker to optimize heat distribution, while the coiled handles stay cooler to avoid burned hands. But how does its unusual shape match up to the competition size-wise? Pretty perfectly. These top-notch skillets come in standard 8-, 10-, and 12-inch sizes, which means there should be no conversions necessary. They’re easy to measure from one flat side to the opposite flat side, but FINEX avoids the guessing game by adding the size to the branding on the underside of the pan. Give your ruler a rest and pick up a FINEX skillet for everything from roasting to searing and even baking.


    • Depending on the age of the skillet, the number may refer to the size of the woodburning stove “eye.” From :

      “Often, the assumption is erroneously made that the large numeral, found normally either on the top of the handle or on the bottom of a piece, indicates its diameter in inches. A measurement of both the top and the bottom rim of a pan, however, will quickly confirm that the number has no direct correlation to either dimension.

  1. (Cast Iron Skillet Pan, 15 Inch)
    Skillet is great. Only downside is it wasn’t properly seasoned. But after a few coats with canola oil and after a few times cooking with it, it’s seasoned perfectly now.

    I took it camping and cooked bacon and eggs over the fire… worked like a charm!


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