Smithey Ironware

When I think of elegant craftsmanship, Smithey Ironware Co. stands out. They aimed to create smooth cast-iron cookware reminiscent of the quality and design of cast iron produced more than 100 years ago —and they’ve succeeded. Made in Charleston, South Carolina, Smithey pans sport a solid build that is beautifully cast and finished. It packs a punch when cooking and looks amazing on your table.

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What I Like:

  • Solidly built with excellent weight. Not considered a lightweight skillet, but not the heaviest either

  • Each one is exquisitely cast, with a gorgeous logo emblazoned on the bottom

  • The three-hole assist handle adds both extra style and function, and the main handle is comfortable with a unique shape


This content was originally published in the NovDec 2017 issue of Southern Cast Iron magazine. 


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