Skillet Stories: Raised on Cast Iron

Tandy Wilson Skillet Stories Raised On It
Photography by Andrea Behrends

“The more I learned about cooking and the more I started to love cooking, I realized that you could just use them for everything,” he says. “They are workhorses in the kitchen here at City House, and at my house.” To Tandy, these pans represent more than just a vessel for perfectly golden cornbread or expertly roasted chicken. They are a legacy. He received his first pan in college while working in restaurants—an 8-inch skillet that was “just wrecked, rusted, and destroyed.” Guided by coworkers, he revived it and still has it today—along with a few family pieces. “I think my dad realized that if I can cook, I can be responsible with these pans,” Tandy says. “And I finally got one from the family at that point. It was my grandmother’s and has been well loved. It just has this shine on it. It’s a cornbread-only skillet for me.” 


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