The South’s favorite sodas add an extra pop to these barbecue classics. 

Chili Lemon-Lime Chicken

Baking this chicken upright on a can of lemon-lime soda infuses it with moist flavor.


Cherry Cola Barbecue Pork 

Cherry-flavored Cheerwine has been a favorite in North Carolina since L.D. Peeler created it more than 100 years ago. Used as the braising liquid for a pork shoulder, it makes out-of-this-world pulled pork barbecue.


Root Beer Barbecue Brisket

Mr. Barq sold his first bottles of root beer in Biloxi, Mississippi, in 1898 and gained mass popularity at the start of Prohibition. More than 100 years later, Barq’s is loved for its unique bite, whether sipping on over crushed ice or as the base for braising brisket.


Orange Soda Hot Wings

Originally containing orange pulp, Ward’s Orange Crush was sold in brown glass bottles to protect its delicate flavor Today’s Crush makes the perfect sticky citrus glaze for these summery chicken wings.


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