Celebrating the South’s liquid gold. 

Molasses Walnut Banana Bread

Molasses adds rich flavor and color to this crunchy-topped banana bread.


Honey Balsamic Steak

Support your local beekeepers and enjoy a delicious skillet steak with this mouthwatering recipe.


Sorghum and Chili Roasted Potato Wedges

Tender with a sweet and spicy glaze, these potatoes will be a frequent visitor at our table throughout the fall.


Bacon and Cane Syrup Baked Beans

We love cane syrup for its peppery notes, and though it’s also made from sugar cane, the syrup is less sweet than granulated cane sugar.


Caramelized Cauliflower and Sorghum Salad

Sorghum isn’t just for making syrup. This salad highlights the whole grain along with its sweet counterpart in a sorghum vinaigrette.


Maple Pecan Swirl Blondies

We love the buttery sweetness that maple syrup adds to these moist bars.


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