The Secret to the Perfect Egg Sunny-Side Up


A perfectly fried egg is nothing short of a breakfast delight—crispy edges with a deliciously runny yolk. Put away your nonstick pan; your cast-iron skillet makes them even better. Here are a few tips from our test kitchen team that will guarantee breakfast perfection.

1. Be sure to use fresh eggs; they hold their shape better, and the yolk sits higher.

2. Use a small skillet, and fry one egg at a time. Use 1 tablespoon butter or oil per egg.

3. Make sure the butter or oil is hot enough. To keep the white intact, the fat should be bubbling before cracking the egg into the skillet.

4. If you prefer an over easy, medium, or hard egg, cover the skillet for up to 2 minutes. Steam cooks the top of the egg and helps it set.


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