How to Fix Your Rusty Cast Iron


After Hurricane Harvey’s flood waters receded, my cast-iron cookware was covered in rust. Is it a total loss?

—Amy F., Texas


A little surface rust on a cast-iron skillet can often be remedied with steel wool and some elbow grease. But for removing serious rust, Jeff Rogers offers these tips:

What you’ll need:

A large disposable aluminum pan

1 gallon or more distilled white vinegar

Rubber gloves

A stiff-bristled brush

1. Soak each piece of rusty cast iron in a solution of one part vinegar and one part water.

2. Using the brush, test each piece after 30 minutes to an hour to see if the rust is coming off. Let the skillet soak a little longer if needed, but don’t get taken in by the idea that if one hour is good, ten hours is ten times better. “With vinegar, you don’t want to go longer than necessary,” Jeff says. “After it gets done eating the rust, it will start eating the iron.”

3. Once you have scrubbed the skillet clean of rust, rinse it thoroughly with water.

4. Dry skillet completely, and reseason.

Use a disposable aluminum pan for soaking and cleaning your cast iron to protect your sink.



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